Bob McCrae


International Sales Manager

Territories: Africa, Asia, Australia, China, Europe.


Tel: +44 (0) 1937 583333

During the late 80’s I was working for PolyJohn’s distributor for Europe, based in the United Kingdom, my main sales territory was England and Scotland.

In 1992 Ed Cooper and Vernon Hills formed what is now PolyJohn International, and I was fortunate enough to be invited to join them. We had a warehouse facility and sales offices again UK based.

Our objective was to increase the sales of PolyJohn products throughout Europe, either through a number of distributors, or by direct sales from USA, or smaller quantities from our UK warehouse.

Our next stage of expansion was to go beyond Europe, and this took me to many countries throughout the world, including Southern Africa, India, China and Australia, we also attended several exhibitions around the world, promoting “Brand PolyJohn” which meant good service together with quality products.

I am sure its fair to claim that PolyJohn is the Number 1 supplier of portable sanitation products in the World due to the dedication of all in the company.