Mike Adams


Managing Director

I joined PolyJohn in 1991 after a decade working for a large waste services firm. As a division president at the waste company, I purchased products from PolyJohn and was impressed by the quality of their products and dedication to high-quality customer service. When PolyJohn's founder Ed Cooper approached me to join and help grow the company, I jumped at the challenge. I became PolyJohn's Central Region Manager and opened the company’s first Texas Service Center in 1992. Since 2001, I have served as Managing Director, with most of my focus aimed at maximizing the level of service to customers and growing the business across North America and Mexico. What I has come to appreciate most is the relationships I have made over the years with our customers. As we say at PolyJohn, ‘The only thing that lasts longer than our products is our relationships,’ and that's a fact we are very proud of.