Nick Jewitt


International Sales Manager

Territories: Asia, India, Middle East, Europe


Tel: +44 (0) 1937 583333

In 2003 I was approached by Vernon Hills, CEO of PolyJohn International, for an opportunity to join PolyJohn. I had known Vernon for a few years and was aware of PolyJohn’s business and took an avid interest in it. After a Degree in Construction Management, I was to this point working as a Civil Engineer with a very large UK/global Construction Company. It was a great opportunity for myself to join a company that really interested me, both for it’s business potential and the people I would work with.

September 2003 and I started my new career with PolyJohn. In the last decade with PolyJohn I have experienced various areas of the business from Sales Coordinator in the UK, to Project Engineering the PACE product with PolyJohn Brazil and (Sintex) India. Also involved in manufacturing and Quality control right through to my current position in International Sales and Business development. I also look after the International Rhino Barrier business.

I have had the pleasure of travelling around the world meeting customers and forming some fantastic relationships. I have also experienced the various cultural, social and economic differences, and with PolyJohn we are able to meet our customers requirements to suit these. As with our motto ‘There when you need us’