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PJ Part Number   PC-000495

The All New Urinal

The new PolyJohn Urinal has been completely redesigned.  The new design has been proven to be the best shape and form to keep splash back to a minimum.  The side walls are much higher and there is no lip on the inside.  This will help keep the urinal clean.  The entire urinal has smooth surfaces as well to aid in cleaning.  

The new urinal can also hold 5 pounds of salt for colder climates. It even has a molded in bullseye to help your customers who might need something to shoot for.


For new installation you will need 2 - PC-000102 Rivets and 2 - PC-000106 Washers.

To install the new urinal on old tanks you will need 4 - PC-000102 Rivets, 4 - PC-000106 Washers, and 1 PC-000557 Cap.

Click on the videos tab to see the installation video.



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