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Five Questions to Ask an Event Planner

Five Questions to Ask an Event Planner By Ray Luden, aka the Toilet Whisperer When it comes to supplying portable restrooms for a special event, it’s important to ask the right questions. Whether your event is a pig roast in the park or a backyard wedding, asking the right questions will help you provide the right kind of support. And the answers to these questions just might get you extra business. Here are the top five answers to get you started.

Military Police- Tactical porta potty clearing

This shows you how well our units hold up!

10 Steps for Turning Customers with Complaints into Customers for Life

An angry customer can be one of your most important assets. Why? Because for every customer who calls with a complaint, there may be 10 others who are thinking the same thing, but would rather let it drop. The one customer who calls is your early warning signal that something might be wrong. You’ll never know who’s happy and who isn’t unless you put a system in place for dealing with complaints and learning as much as possible from everyone who calls. Here are some ideas you can consider when ​

Results: 53 Articles(s) Found.