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We Offer the Best Darn Service in the Area...How Do We Let People Know About Us?

For many portable restroom companies, marketing is an afterthought. Sure, most have a Yellow Pages ad, but few invest in the power of marketing to grow their business by creating an annual plan with a realistic budget for marketing expenses. Marketing experts agree that a business should spend approximately ten percent of their revenues per year on marketing. It only makes sense that you need to let people know who you are, what you do, and how to reach you if your business is going to grow. ​

The Truth and the Benefits of Taking Care of Customers

I am very lucky to work in a business I’ve loved for twenty years. It has given me a unique window on the world, and it continues to fill me with moments of gratitude and pride. Some of the best times in my life have been spent driving around meeting customers in their businesses and homes. I’ve enjoyed listening and finding ways to improve things that would help you become more successful. Helping people is the part of the business that I find the most gratifying. Even though times have cha​

Treat Your CustomersLike Family

Simply thinking about your customers a new way can greatly increase your sales. Do you think of your customers as just a paycheck? Or, do you think of customers as family, partners or friends ... people you can help, and who in turn can help you? In my job, I get to see a lot of different small businesses in action. I see which are growing and which are struggling. One thing the top performers have in common is the way they treat their customers like family. Here are six ways customers resemble​

The Four “Be’s” of Personal Selling by David Wall

Most people in portable sanitation started off in another line of work. They may have been plumbers, septic installers, rental suppliers, contractors, waste haulers ... you name it. But few started as sales professionals. Once you are in this business though, the fastest way to prosper is to develop your sales skills. I’ve been in sales for almost 20 years, and have read hundreds of books and articles about sales techniques. Yet, I believe that if you really want to improve your sales results,​

Win/Win Negotiations

Building the Shelter of Strong Relationships By Steve Baie, Southeast Area Manager When money, services and goods are being exchanged, you’re in a negotiation. Negotiations that don’t treat both parties fairly can build conflicts over time. If you always strive for win/win in your negotiations, you can build long-lasting relationships of trust and friendship that will shelter you through the tough times. Weathering the Storm No matter where you live, a natural disaster or emergency situat​

Results: 53 Articles(s) Found.