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Why You Should Add the Handicap Portable Toilet to Your Product Offerings

As you grow your portable restroom rental business, it’s highly encouraged that you diversify your product offerings. An expanded product line allows you to serve a wider range of customers, as well as increase your bottom line. A product category that many established portable restroom operators have added is the handicap portable toilet. Adding handicap-accessible units to your inventory makes sense for multiple reasons...

Considerations for When You’re Seeking Construction Portable Toilets for Sale

The portable sanitation industry has a close relationship with the construction industry. When on-site, workers need a place to go to the bathroom, and that’s what portable restroom operators provide. Portable restroom rental company owners know that construction season is also the busy season for their business. While special events provide the occasional large influx of cash, it’s the construction industry that provides the constant flow of income. Business owners frequently look for construction portable toilets for sale due to high demand and to replace worksite units that are ready to be retired. If that describes you, take a few minutes to read the rest of this post before making your next purchase...

Why It Comes in Handy to Have a Portable Holding Tank Available

At the minimum, a portable restroom operator needs units, a truck, and cleaning supplies in order to do his or her job. These are the essential tools of the trade. There are also numerous accessories available that are worth considering. Items like lights and hand sanitizer dispensers enhance the customer experience and provide additional sources of income. There are also accessories that benefit you and employees by making the job easier and saving time. One of these accessories a portable holding tank....

Considerations for When You’re Seeking Event Toilets for Sale

Construction portable toilets are the bread and butter of the portable restroom rental business. They’re a consistent source of income that can be relied upon the entire busy season. However, special events offer opportunities to make big money in a short amount of time because of the upgrades they include and the appeal they have to customers looking for higher-end amenities. If you’ve thought about looking for event toilets for sale but haven’t committed, perhaps the information presented in this post will convince you to take the leap.


Fleet Series Unit At WWETT Show 2016

Ray talks through some of the features and benefits of the PolyJohn Fleet Series at WWETT Show 2016.​


Winterization: Preparing For the Big Chill

Anyone who has been in the portable restroom business above North America’s frost line has had to find a way to prevent liquid waste from freezing in order to do their job. There are several different methods available. The method you use may depend on...


WPSD toolkit is now available on the PSAI website.

WPSD is intended to raise awareness about our industry - and that will happen best if Member companies build on the global WPSD momentum. For example, now would be a great time for...


The International Museum of Toilets is located in India - of all places!

The Hindu, 8 June 2014 - Sulabh International Museum of Toilets highlights the 4,500-year history of sanitation through a varied collection of posters, photographs and life-sized replicas of toilets used in different parts of the world during different time periods. Portable toilets are also on display, and toilet humor gets a nod as well. For example....


Router extraordinaire explains how to create an efficient service route

My years of experience have taught me a little bit about solid routing practices. You might even say I’m a Master Router. That’s why I like to make sure my customers understand the ins and outs of planning an efficient service route. Good planning can translate into better outcomes for you and your customers. And providing great customer service is the key to building lasting business relationships. Here are my top five tips for becoming a “Master Router.”...


Five Questions to Ask an Event Planner

Five Questions to Ask an Event Planner By Ray Luden, aka the Toilet Whisperer When it comes to supplying portable restrooms for a special event, it’s important to ask the right questions. Whether your event is a pig roast in the park or a backyard wedding, asking the right questions will help you provide the right kind of support. And the answers to these questions just might get you extra business. Here are the top five answers to get you started.

Military Police- Tactical porta potty clearing

This shows you how well our units hold up!

10 Steps for Turning Customers with Complaints into Customers for Life

An angry customer can be one of your most important assets. Why? Because for every customer who calls with a complaint, there may be 10 others who are thinking the same thing, but would rather let it drop. The one customer who calls is your early warning signal that something might be wrong. You’ll never know who’s happy and who isn’t unless you put a system in place for dealing with complaints and learning as much as possible from everyone who calls. Here are some ideas you can consider when ​

We Offer the Best Darn Service in the Area...How Do We Let People Know About Us?

For many portable restroom companies, marketing is an afterthought. Sure, most have a Yellow Pages ad, but few invest in the power of marketing to grow their business by creating an annual plan with a realistic budget for marketing expenses. Marketing experts agree that a business should spend approximately ten percent of their revenues per year on marketing. It only makes sense that you need to let people know who you are, what you do, and how to reach you if your business is going to grow. ​

The Truth and the Benefits of Taking Care of Customers

I am very lucky to work in a business I’ve loved for twenty years. It has given me a unique window on the world, and it continues to fill me with moments of gratitude and pride. Some of the best times in my life have been spent driving around meeting customers in their businesses and homes. I’ve enjoyed listening and finding ways to improve things that would help you become more successful. Helping people is the part of the business that I find the most gratifying. Even though times have cha​

Treat Your CustomersLike Family

Simply thinking about your customers a new way can greatly increase your sales. Do you think of your customers as just a paycheck? Or, do you think of customers as family, partners or friends ... people you can help, and who in turn can help you? In my job, I get to see a lot of different small businesses in action. I see which are growing and which are struggling. One thing the top performers have in common is the way they treat their customers like family. Here are six ways customers resemble​

The Four “Be’s” of Personal Selling by David Wall

Most people in portable sanitation started off in another line of work. They may have been plumbers, septic installers, rental suppliers, contractors, waste haulers ... you name it. But few started as sales professionals. Once you are in this business though, the fastest way to prosper is to develop your sales skills. I’ve been in sales for almost 20 years, and have read hundreds of books and articles about sales techniques. Yet, I believe that if you really want to improve your sales results,​

Win/Win Negotiations

Building the Shelter of Strong Relationships By Steve Baie, Southeast Area Manager When money, services and goods are being exchanged, you’re in a negotiation. Negotiations that don’t treat both parties fairly can build conflicts over time. If you always strive for win/win in your negotiations, you can build long-lasting relationships of trust and friendship that will shelter you through the tough times. Weathering the Storm No matter where you live, a natural disaster or emergency situat​

How To Create A Loyal Fan

Every company has different types of customers. There are “Rookies” — the first-time buyers who are new in business. “Shoppers” are customers who drift from one vendor to the next, looking for lower prices, better service or some combination of the two. “One-Timers” are customers with a once-only event like an outdoor wedding, who probably won’t be back again. There are surely many other kinds that you can name. However, the one most important customer for the health of your business is the “Loy​

Sponsorships-Why They Help You Overcome "Fear of Strangers"

Didn’t your mother ever tell you, “Don’t talk to strangers?” Most people have taken this warning to heart. That’s one of the things that makes sales a tough profession. When you are a stranger, people don’t want to talk to you. However, if they know something about you or your company, they are more likely to open their door to you and invite you in for a conversation. Why does Budweiser Brewery spend millions of dollars a year to sponsor the NASCAR Busch series? Why does Buick sponsor Tiger Woo​

Winning Big Events: A Guide to this Growing Market

For the past decade, special events have created the fastest growing market for portable restrooms. More people are getting outdoors on weekends to enjoy parties, parades, festivals, music and fairs. Here are some tips to help you succeed in this growing market. Start Small The most common way to get into the event market is to start small. Put aside a few special-event units and market them to small towns, social clubs, church groups or party planners. As you develop experience with this mar​

The Next Generation and the Family Business

Ken Cooper, Information Technology Officer PolyJohn Enterprises According to the MassMutual Financial Group/Raymond Institute American Family Business Survey, revenues from family-owned firms grew by more than 50 percent between1997 and 2003. During a time when most other businesses experienced a recession, American family-owned businesses grew at a robust pace. The study also revealed that more than half expected to increase staff by up to five percent over the ne​

Strategies for EXPANSION

In the history of our growth from PolyJohn’s first foothold in Europe to a rapidly growing international operation, we have taken a route that any corporation can follow to grow and develop new geographic markets. Although we didn’t see the connection at the time, our route to expansion follows some of the same principles that history teaches us were used by “empire builders” before us. Think of how England and other countries settled the New World. They sent out “explorers” (salespeople), who​


New Products Help You Gain More Business From Your Customer

Growing your business isn't always about getting more customers. A less expensive and more effective way is to provide additional services to the customers you already have. Add a new customer and that adds transportation costs, sales and service costs, account management costs and capital costs. Sell new services to an existing customer and you add just a little extra time and some capital expenditure. It adds up to a lot of savings and profits when you increase customer share. For example,​

How a Strategic Alliance Could Help You Land the Big One

Jake Groen, Plant Manager Rama Plastics, Inc. The Pope’s visit to Toronto in 2002 and the SARSstock Concert in 2003 were events that drew over a million visitors. They were too large for any one portable restroom company to handle. To win the bid over much larger competitors from the US and to get the job done right, the two largest providers in the Toronto area, Chantler’s Portables and Nature’s Call, created a strategic alliance between themselves, their vendor—Rama Plastics, Inc., (PolyJoh​

Build a Website that Builds Business & Saves Money

Ken Cooper, Information Systems Manager, PolyJohn Enterprises Corporation Who’s afraid of the World Wide Web? Actually, many people older than 30 who don’t use a computer in their daily job may be reluctant to use the Internet, let alone advertise their business on a website. If you’re one of these people, you’ll probably change your mind once you learn how easy it is, and how much you can save by moving some of your advertising dollars to the web. Actually, you do​

Board of Directors: When to have One, How to Select Members & How to Make them Work for Your Bus

A board can help jumpstart a business that needs to become more competitive. Owning your own business means being the master of your destiny. Many people get into the portable sanitation business for that reason alone. So if you like making your own decisions, why in the world would you consider hiring a board of directors? The main reason is that even though you make all the decisions, you don’t always have all the answers. There are many places you can turn to when you need advice on tough​

8 Strategies for Promoting Yourself and Your Business

Many portable sanitation businesses maintain their success using a few basic marketing strategies. They keep a Yellow Pages ad, they follow local construction project bids by reading Dodge Reports (McGraw Hill Publishing), they prospect with phone calls and sales visits, and they maintain visibility with a memorable company name clearly posted on all their units in the field. This may be all you need to survive. However, when competition heats up, when the economy slides downward, and when gas p​

3 Strategies to Grow Your Business

There are many ways to grow your portable sanitation business. Here are three to consider: 1 Add New Products and Services: selling to current customers This may be the easiest way to grow your business because it simply requires spending a little extra time selling to current customers. Think about the additional products or services you can sell to existing customers. If they currently rent toilets, what else could you supply to them with your current equipment and personnel. Could you del​

Working ON Not IN Your Business

In 1987, Michael Gerber wrote a groundbreaking, best-selling business book named, The E Myth: Why Most Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It, – ”E” standing for Entrepreneur. In it, he talks about the hidden secret to becoming a wealthy and successful entrepreneur. Putting it simply, the secret is to work on your business, not in it. That means spending your days working to make the people who work for you more independent and developing a management system that helps your employees ​

Want to be a growth company

Practice being an 80/20 company There are individual companies who are changing the industries they are in. They are considered by some as revolutionaries filled with people and small teams who use the 80/20 principle to build businesses and future success. You may already be an 80/20 individual and/or company without knowing it, but if you are not, you have everything to gain by becoming one. The 80/20 Principle answers two questions: How can we raise the profits of our corporation? How ​

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats: Why You Need to SWOT Your Company

You have customers, you have a pumping truck, you have restrooms, deodorizing chemicals, a place to dump—you have all the capabilities you need to service, right? As you may know there is a lot more to becoming successful in this business than that. According to statistics from the Small Business Administration, most companies do not turn a profit until their third year in business, and a majority are out of business by their fifth year. While no one has kept statistics on the success rate of ​

How to Write a Mission Statement

Your mission statement is a promise to all the people who come into contact with your business, customers, employees, and end users. It should describe how you plan to do business and what should be expected by the people who work for you and by the people who use your service. It can (but doesn’t have to) include one or more sentences defining each of the Big 6 Best Practices our business strives to maintain: MANAGEMENT • CUSTOMER SERVICE • MARKETING CAPABILITIES • MONEY • PEOPLE Try your ​

How are we doing? Don’t forget to ask!

Use a customer feedback system to get answers Mark Twain once said, “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you in trouble, it’s the things you know that ain’t so.” We all “know” that we provide the best service in our own areas at a fair price. But what if, “it ain’t so?” How would you find out? How do you really discover what your customers are thinking about you and what they want? The best way to find out is to ask. And, don’t just ask in one way every few years, but in many different ​

Developing a Global Mindset to Improve Your Local Business Dealings

By Vernon Hills, President PolyJohn International I travel over 250,000 miles a year because I know there is no substitute for getting to know your customers personally. Successful international sales require my physical presence, because customers around the world like to develop friendships that serve as a foundation for long-term business relationships. Even though I may live 3,000 miles away, my occasional visits give them the confidence that I am close enough to get to know them, to app​

A 3-to-5 Year Business Plan

The Best Way to a Better and Brighter Future for You and Your Business Many portable sanitation business owners are happy keeping it simple. They run a hundred or so units and a truck or two. They are small and they want to stay that way. That’s okay for them, but if you see the potential for growth and can hardly wait to make your business future better, then you should consider writing a business plan to direct your business three and five years down the line. A current and up-to-date busi​

How to Build and Protect Market Share

By Mike Adams - Market share is defined as the portion of the local market that you can claim as your customers. It is becoming a precious commodity in the portable restroom business, especially in areas where there is a lot of competition. In many regions today, relatively few new customers come into an area. Instead a new customer for you is some other company’s former customer, and when you lose a customer, someone else picks them up. So, how do you protect what’s yours? And how do you att​

Play the Game to Win and to Have Fun! Marketing Promotions from the “Beast of the East”

By Ray Luden - I still look back at all the fun I had working in the portable restroom business with my dad. Fun cleaning toilets? Everything can be fun if you do it with a spirit of competition and enthusiasm! Sure, not every day was a “walk in the roses,” if you know what I mean; but almost every day introduced me to new people and reacquainted me with old friends. The job got me outside with people, making things right for them, and it gave me plenty of time to promote the business and ​

Two Heads are Better than One and Ten are Downright Powerful—the Master Mind Principle

If you have ever read about how to be successful, you probably have heard of the author Napoleon Hill. He is the granddaddy of all business success writers. During the Great Depression, his book Think and Grow Rich sold over a million copies, and is still in print today, with over 40,000,000 copies sold. In the book, Hill lays out a system for fulfilling one’s dreams called the 13 Principles of Success. While one or two of these principles may strike today’s readers as odd or old fashioned, th​

Plan To Succeed

1. Assess your business 2. Make a plan 3. Support the plan 4. Work the plan If you haven’t formally reviewed your business, you can still make adjustments that will help you increase your success by putting your own plan in writing. To support the plan and your people, you need to make sure key employees have bought into it. Meet with them and decide if they need any additional training, help, or motivation to make the plan more successful. To work the plan, you have to make sure you ha​

What Can You Expect From PolyJohn at 2014 Pumper & Cleaner Expo?

With the Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo just around the corner, PolyJohn’s Mike Adams discussed what the portable restroom manufacturer is most looking forward to at this year’s show. He’s been attending the Expo for 28 years, so we knew he’d have a few insights.

Having Survivor Skills Creates Big Opportunities

In an economic shake up, how will your business shake out? By Ed Cooper, President Emeritus, PolyJohn Enterprises (First appeared in the 2007 Fall/Winter JohnTalk publication)


Teamwork Builds Stronger Companies

Imagine you’re lost on an island with a group of people and everyone wants to go in different directions or try their own ideas to survive. There would be fights, conflict and a lack of cooperation. “Lost” is a very popular television show that uses this situation to develop stories for each episode. While it may make interesting TV, people are always better off when they work together...


Going to the Next Level

Many companies find themselves at a point where they need to become more efficient and corporate in the way they run their operations. Here are a few tips from the experts...


The Power of Vision

3 Tools to Help You Decide Your Future

How to Get More Money to Run & Grow Your Business

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), most businesses that fail do so for lack of money management, not as you might expect from lack of sales, or profits. This is particularly true in the portable sanitation business, because the cost to service increases quickly during the busy months and payment for service can trail a month or two behind delivery of service. Peak earnings come in summer, peak receivables come in early fall, and peak cash expenditures come nine months lat​

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