Considerations for When You’re Seeking Event Toilets for Sale

Considerations for When You’re Seeking Event Toilets for Sale

Construction portable toilets are the bread and butter of the portable restroom rental business. They’re a consistent source of income that can be relied upon the entire busy season. However, special events offer opportunities to make big money in a short amount of time because of the upgrades they include and the appeal they have to customers looking for higher-end amenities. If you’ve thought about looking for event toilets for sale but haven’t committed, perhaps the information presented in this post will convince you to take the leap.

Advantages of Special Event Toilets

What are the advantages of special event toilets? Special event toilets are commonly requested for festivals, fairs, and weddings — settings where people are looking for “something extra” and also where children are typically present. Event portable restrooms are larger than standard units and can include add-ons like flushable or recirculating flush, a handwashing sink, solar or tap lights, and more. The enhanced user experience, of course, equates to higher rental rates. While you can expect to get around $75 to 100 per month for the rental of a standard unit at a construction site, you can get up to $225 or more for the rental of an event toilet, depending on the number of upgrades requested. Depending on the size of the event, you can expect to bring in some great income. Not bad for a single day or weekend…

If the special event units and service you provide are satisfactory, you can earn the opportunity to become a regular vendor at that particular event or at the venue in general. This kind of brand recognition can also open the door for other event opportunities in the area as word gets around about your business.

PolyJohn’s Event Toilets for Sale

Considerations for When You’re Seeking Event Toilets for Sale


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