Sales Representatives Profiles

US Regional Sales Managers

Ray Luden

Ray Luden is now working his 15th year with PolyJohn. He first spent almost 20 years in the industry in Connecticut, running (with his father) a very successful restroom rental business. It has always been Ray's mindset that good equipment, great service and fair pricing make for success. He covers a vast territory for PolyJohn, and in his 14-plus years, has covered almost every state east of the Mississippi. Ray hopes the industry continues to evolve and becomes more mainstream, removing any negative connotations about sanitation. Ray said, “We all provide an essential service and should pride ourselves in doing so.” Married with two daughters, Ray resides in Guilford, Connecticut.

Steve Baie

For Steve Baie, working for PolyJohn is like being part of a large family. He likes the company’s open-door policy and hands-on approach to business. But what Steve loves most about his job, hands down, are the customers he’s met over the years. “I love this industry, I love the people, and I love supporting their businesses,” he says. “I’ve known many of my customers for close to 15 years, and in many ways they’re like my extended family.” That’s why he really doesn’t mind business trips. He’s just visiting relatives.

Gregg DeLong

Gregg became part of the PolyJohn family in 1987 after 20-plus years in the portable sanitation industry. He had worked for one of the industry’s pioneers since his teens, and was asked by Ed Cooper to consider a career change. After his initial visit with Ed at the PolyJohn facility, Gregg was so taken by the integrity and warmth of the PolyJohn staff for their customers, that he started immediately and became the Western Region Manager. In the years that followed, Gregg helped open several distribution centers, always with the customers’ needs in mind. This has led to developing many wonderful and long lasting relationships that Gregg feels have benefited himself and his family. Now working with the Ed's sons Michael and Kenny, Gregg sees them continuing their father’s legacy, establishing PolyJohn as the leader in the industry.

Elton Tamplin

Elton joined PolyJohn in 1999 after 21 years with a large waste services firm. As Operations Manager, he purchased products from PolyJohn and was always impressed with the quality, customer service and the way PolyJohn made the customer feel like family. When Ed Cooper and Mike Adams asked him to join the “family,” he immediately agreed. Elton became Central Region Manager, with the focus of growing the business while maintaining excellent service. He appreciates most the relationships he has built up over the years. Elton said, “I'm very proud when a customer says I make him feel like he's PolyJohn’s best customer.”

Canada Regional Sales Managers

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International Regional Sales Managers

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South America Regional Sales Managers

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