Fleet Fresh Flush Restroom Adds a Touch of Class

PolyJohn Design Engineer Jamie Kostelyk demonstrates how the Fleet Fresh Flush portable restroom is ideal for all your special events and high-end customers.

Special events and premium sanitation needs demand premium portable restrooms. PolyJohn’s Fleet Fresh Flush is the premier model in the industry, engineered specifically with the satisfaction of high-end users in mind. The restroom uses freshwater to flush, but includes a valve in the back to change to recirculating flush.

With more interior floor space than other units in its class, the roomy, reliable restroom has appeal for multiple markets. It’s a must for occasions looking to add a touch of class. The efficient use of a corner tank allows for the restroom to offer more amenities, including sink and non-splash urinal. The restroom also offers more space for parents with children and more room for construction workers with bulky or winter gear.

Its sleek interior and exterior surfaces make maintenance quick and easy.

Show them your best! PolyJohn’s Fleet Fresh Flush is the upscale portable restroom experience your VIP renters are looking for. And it’s the opportunity you’ve been looking for to increase your revenue potential.