How To Create A Loyal Fan

Every company has different types of customers. There are “Rookies” — the first-time buyers who are new in business. “Shoppers” are customers who drift from one vendor to the next, looking for lower prices, better service or some combination of the two. “One-Timers” are customers with a once-only event like an outdoor wedding, who probably won’t be back again. There are surely many other kinds that you can name. However, the one most important customer for the health of your business is the “Loyal Fan.” 

These are the best customers to have because they not only stay with you through thick and thin, but they may even help build your business. It’s not unusual to hear the phone ring only to discover it’s another referral from one of your Loyal Fans. 

Loyal Fans appreciate your service and they genuinely like you. They know that you have gone the extra mile for them and they don’t mind returning the favor. 

Don’t you wish all your customers were Loyal Fans? Here are a few things you can do to create more: 

• The most important thing is to deliver outstanding service and make sure they are aware of your efforts. 
• Use an extensive service checklist and give a copy to your customer so that they can let you know if something isn’t done right. 
• Get to know your customers better by making sales calls just to see how things are going. 
• Upsell additional services such as flush toilets, sinks or premium units. Most people actually prefer premium service to minimal service. 
• Use the mail to make contact. Send out service reminders, quarterly company news and holiday cards. 
• Share the grapevine. If you hear about upcoming projects that could benefit a good customer, call and let him know. 
• When you buy new restrooms, put them into service with your best customers first. Let them know you’ve upgraded them at no extra cost. 
• Invite good customers to lunch or a round of golf. 
• Learn something about your customer that you have in common – a favorite activity, sports team, or hobby and mention it when you see them. 

Develop more Loyal Fans and your business will never have a losing season.