Plan To Succeed

1. Assess your business 
2. Make a plan 
3. Support the plan 
4. Work the plan 

If you haven’t formally reviewed your business, you can still make adjustments that will help you increase your success by putting your own plan in writing. 

To support the plan and your people, you need to make sure key employees have bought into it. Meet with them and decide if they need any additional training, help, or motivation to make the plan more successful. 

To work the plan, you have to make sure you have given it enough time and resources to have the effect you desire. You need to monitor and review employee performance to make sure the plan is understood and accepted. 

If you look at this process as a circle, you can see that if the plan isn’t working, you go back to the beginning in order to reassess the plan, revise it, support the revisions, and work them. 

How does this help your business grow? 
As soon as you open the doors of a business, you should realize that nothing will ever be the same again. Things are always changing, and if you are going to succeed, you need to adapt to the changes. Having a step-by-step process to guide you through changes just makes it easier and helps remind you not to skip ahead or give up too soon. 

This process is also a great way to think ahead. Rather than waiting for changes to catch you unaware, you constantly look out for them and plan for them. You also make a conscious effort to plan your future success rather than just hoping it will arrive. 

When you need to get things done, you always have to ask yourself, “What do I do next and who do I need to communicate with?” Having a planning process helps you find the answer to these questions quickly. And, it can guide employees to act independently without needing to come to you for directions every time something needs to get done. Remember that no one succeeds without a team, and a team can’t succeed unless they are working together to achieve a similar goal.