Bravo Hand Wash Station Lighting Kit

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PJ Part Number   HWSLK1

This Lighting Kit was custom designed for the Bravo® Hand Wash Station.  Its 8 super bright LED's provide ample light for the Sink, Towel and Soap Dispensers and the Foot Pump Sections on both sides of the Bravo® unit. 

The Hand Wash Station lighting package provides day and night light from its own power pack or it plugs into an extension cord.  The Kit can be installed into any Bravo® in about 20 minutes.  The kit comes with all the components you need.  It is plug and play.

Click on the yellow Download Product Specs button above to find installation instructions and pamphlets from SolarGoose.

**Note:  PolyJohn does not carry these items.  To purchase visit or call Solar LED Innovations - SolarGoose at (484) 639-4833 

  • Can be installed on any Bravo® Unit
  • Waterproof battery box for worry free long lasting light
  • Contains all the parts needed to light up the sink, faucet, soap and towel dispensers and the foot pump on both sides of your Bravo®
  • Easy step by step instructions 
  • Can be installed in 30 minutes
  • ½” DRILL BIT (3 Holes)
  • 1/8” DRILL BIT (2 Holes)
  • 9” (3”X3pcs) OF Duct Tape
  • Socket Wrench
  • 7/16” Socket
You will be required to drill a total of 5 holes in discrete locations.
Recommended Battery
  • 12V Li-ion 6800mAh (7 AMP Hour) battery provides about 18 hours of continuous light
  • 12V Li-ion 9800mAh (10 AMP Hour) battery provides about 24 hours of continuous light.
  • 12V Li-ion 14800maAh (15 AMP Hour) battery provides about 36 hours of continuous light.
Fully charge the 12V Battery (about 1 hour per amp rating).

PolyJohn is happy to support Solar LED Innovations - SolarGoose® in helping to provide lighting solutions to our customers.   You can visit their website here, or you can visit their Bravo® Lighting page here.

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