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Returned from Oshkosh, WI where your product was being rented...FYI It's really great! Wonderful design for the user and the maintenance people.  Appears to be easily maintained, well lighted and even has a mirror!


Mike Souhrada - Non Commercial User
Le Claire, IA


"If I could start all over, I'd only buy PolyJohn.  I have three (3) other brands and I'd sell them all right now if I could."

Brian Judd - Juddy's Septic Tank Service
Morgan , VT


"I really appreciate the people at PolyJohn who care enough about the industry to teach best practices and help us all improve our businesses. I want to thank Gregg de Long for recommending the PolyJohn Success Training Workshop to me.” 

Anthony Borgatello - Marborg Industries
Santa Barbara, CA


I was experiencing growing pains in my portable toilet side of business I called around to get some new toilets delivered to me fast and ready to go not one of PJs competitors could help me or even try to, Elton came to visit my wife and I and, I was so impressed with him and his professionalism. Not only did he get me the units I needed but within less than 24 hours from the initial order those toilets were in my yard and my nearest warehouse is over 12 hours away.  Its a no brainer to go with and always stay with Poly John for as long as I have my business. Elton is more than my toilet salesman he is a friend I can trust and rely on anytime.

JJ Rivera - Little Stinker Septic Service
Trinidad, CO


Hi PolyJohn team,
On Thursday August 6, 2015 the sale of Viking Rentals settled and I am now officially an unemployed bum. I just wanted to thank the PolyJohn team for not just the support over the years, but more importantly delivering a product that I genuinely think is the best in the world.  I am very lucky that 10 years ago, when I did not know anything about what products were available, I just happened to stumble across Chris Sharp and PJ and it was basically a case of "that will do".  Even if Sharpie was in NZ, and the product was weirdly stored in containers at a competitor in Sydney. The only other product I knew of was Formit, and any idiot could tell PJ was better than that.

I will be concentrating on my new venture now, which I assure you will ALSO be an Australian success story.
Over and out,

Jim Noort - Viking Rentals


The warehouse and Ray have always came through for us. We’ve run through some situations where we needed units like yesterday and they managed to turn them around somehow and get them for us. There have been a bunch of guys to work with and Ray top of the line.

Bob Richards - Richards’s portable toilet and septic service
Beavertown, PA


Ray is a great guy. I talked with him a couple others times, and he always helped me out. I bought some handicaps off him, and I needed them right away and they came within a few days! Yeah he’s a good guy.

Jason and Roseann Farabaugh - J’s John’s
Cresson , PA


Thanks for your hospitality last week in Whiting and Indianapolis. The tour of the plant and Service Sanitation was very interesting and informative.  Being able to network with other Canadian operators is also very valuable. My hat is off to you and your team at Poly John Canada for a job well done, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Thanks again!

Steve Schilstra - Halco Portables
Welland, Ontario


I have been involved in the portable sanitation industry for almost twenty years.  In that time have dealt with PolyJohn units and staff quite a bit. 

Recently I attended a waste water Nova Scotia meeting with a small trade show.  PolyJohn was the only toilet company to attend. I started to think that we are quick to complain about things when they don't exactly go our way, but sometimes don't tell people or companies how appreciative we are for all they do.  It means a lot to me that PolyJohn always makes an appearance at such shows.   

As far as your product, it holds up amazingly. We have units that are almost 20 years old, and they are still in use.  All of the unit's parts are interchangeable, and easy to fix if something does become damaged. 

The staff at PolyJohn Canada is always easy to deal with, and is easy to reach by phone or e-mail.  If we need anything, it is only a day away.   So keep up the great work, and see you in the future.

Alex MacLellan - Landry's Vacuum Service Ltd.
Dutch Brook, NS


We are getting RAVE REVIEWS about the grey Fleets we picked up that have the foot flush, sink and solar lights.

Every customer that has rented them so far loves them. They can't believe how nice it is for a porta potty. :) Just thought I'd let you know. We are really happy that our customers are loving them so much. THANKS!

Ashley Riendeau - Phil's Septic Pumping Service Inc.
Marathon, ON


It is a pleasure to do business with such a customer oriented company! Thank you Levada for the information on the item I inquired about. Have a most excellent day guys and gal!!

Robert Kerslake - PIT STOP PORTABLES
Coquitlam, BC


PolyJohn Canada is an ambassador and pioneer for portable toilets in the Greater Toronto Area. 

As toilet requirements continue to change at lighting speeds in our region, PolyJohn has not shied from finding solutions and passing on current information to our company. We are pleased to do business with Jake and his crew because of their courteous and prompt ways.

PolyJohn toilets are very durable and easy to fix versus other toilet types and so we highly recommend PolyJohn if anyone is serious about their business. 



We recently started our company, PortaPal Inc, and luckily we were introduced to Ted Hoover very early on. The porta potty business is pretty simple, but as the four partners have discovered, there are a lot of things that we need to learn to make this a successful business. Ted has been a fantastic resource. He has met with us in person several times and each time was a wealth of knowledge on the industry and specifically the PolyJohn products. We have started by purchasing the PJN3 units and will be purchasing more from Ted as our business continues to grow.

We wanted to share that our experience with Ted has been great, and we highly recommend him and PolyJohn to anyone considering purchasing portable toilet units. Often, companies only get a call when something has gone wrong but Ted has been there to offer support throughout the entire process.

Adam Duncan - Porta Pal
Calgary, AB


It has been a pleasure to work with Jake and his employees of PolyJohn Canada for the past 3 years as our exclusive portable toilet Supplier. They continue to provide the best customer service, flexible/on demand assistance and most of all they are there when we need them the most. l'd have to say that doing business with them is one of the nicest business relationships we have. As owners we know how important customer service is and having a reliable product to supply to our costumers is a key factor to our business. Their service is phenomenal and we appreciate everything that they do for Northern Disposal & Sanitation. 

Dave & Katy McGregor - Northern Disposal & Sanitation
Katrine, ON


Thank you for having us up to tour the Facilities. We came out of it with a lot of good information for repairing units and certainly learned a great deal about the process of assembling the units.

The information Shane provided about the website was great- It will certainly help with ordering in the future, cutting down on back and forth phone calls regarding part numbers. 

Thank you again for taking the time to answer our questions and help us improve the efficiency in the upkeep of our equipment. It is always a pleasure to do business with you. 

Scott Scheid - Centreline Sanitation Ltd.
London, ON


Over the past 5 years since taking over the reins at Porta-Plus Portables, we have found your service and knowledge of our industry ti be a valuable asset to our business. Whenever we had a question, you were able to answer it. When we needed quick turn-around on units or parts, you went the extra mile to make it happen. There is always a happy voice on the other end of the phone when we call, and a smiling face when we pick up parts or new units.  The staff in the warehouse is always knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to answering questions and assisting with loading of new units.

Workings with a supplier as professional and personal as you makes our job just that much easier.

Wayne Fazzari - Porta-Plus Portables
Guelph, ON


Elton Tamplin and PolyJohn have been such a blessing to us since we started our business just 11 months ago. Even before inception of our Company, Elton went above and beyond to help us with pertinent information, advice and mentorship. PolyJohn aided in designing a unique color scheme for our Company and keeps our parts in stock at all times for rush deliveries. We have been ordering a full load every 30-45 days and each shipment is placed and received with no lag time or hassle. Elton continues to surprise us again and again with his outstanding customer service, going above and beyond the call of duty. He has not only become our potty salesman but a true friend and wonderful mentor. Thank you Elton and PolyJohn for everything you do for our growing business, we are so grateful to have you on our team!!! 

Carolyn Kahle - Onsite Pro Can
Boerne, TX


Dear sir’s,

Please accept our thanks and appreciation for taking care of us. As a small company we strive to provide personal attention to our customers and it’s really nice to see first-hand that not all large companies are just about the checks they receive.

Robert Pulley,

You made special effort to get us all the parts we needed for our ADA unit and had the crew loading us straight away. I wish all the other  large companies we purchased product from provided as good of service as you gave us.

Steve Baie,

We made it back home safe and sound with no issues. Thanks for all your help loading the truck and trailer. Great service as well. We’ve  never had a sales rep help us as you did.

Thanks again for taking care of us.

Douglas Wade - Austin’s Pumping Service LLC
Strafford, MO

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