The Truth and the Benefits of Taking Care of Customers

I am very lucky to work in a business I’ve loved for twenty years. It has given me a unique window on the world, and it continues to fill me with moments of gratitude and pride. 

Some of the best times in my life have been spent driving around meeting customers in their businesses and homes. I’ve enjoyed listening and finding ways to improve things that would help you become more successful. Helping people is the part of the business that I find the most gratifying. 

Even though times have changed, the values that make this business worth doing haven’t. Hard work, honesty, discipline, selflessness, respect, courage, leadership, responsibility, perseverance, hope, faith, and imagination are still as important as ever. 

I hope you will always find our people, our products, and our services living up to these values. If they do not, then call me. I won’t make excuses for anything we do here at PolyJohn. I am prepared to deal with the truth of any shortfall we might encounter together, and I’m prepared for the consequences of whatever I have to do to make it right. 

We’ll make it right, 
or I’ll make it right… that’s the bottom line. 

I’ve done my best to create a company that is determined to help you as you continue improving your family’s quality of life and the lives of those you serve. After all, if we are not doing that and adding value to the world around us, then what are we doing? 

For all my efforts and the efforts of those who have worked with me to build this company, I am humbled by the truth that most of what we have learned has come from you. Although, I was in the service end of the business many years ago, the only way I can keep up with the changes in the business is by listening to those of you who are still in it. I’ve got thousands of customers telling me how to run things, and believe me, without all those experienced advisors, PolyJohn wouldn’t be the success it is today. 

So I ask you to keep calling whenever you have a comment, criticism, suggestion, or idea to make things better. I’ll listen and together we’ll keep this company working for you and working as a positive force in this industry. 

Ed Cooper 
President, PolyJohn Enterprises Corporation