Why You Should Add the Handicap Portable Toilet to Your Product Offerings

Why You Should Add the Handicap Portable Toilet to Your Product Offerings

As you grow your portable restroom rental business, it’s highly encouraged that you diversify your product offerings. An expanded product line allows you to serve a wider range of customers, as well as increase your bottom line. A product category that many established portable restroom operators have added is the handicap portable toilet. Adding handicap-accessible units to your inventory makes sense for multiple reasons.

Advantages of Handicap Portable Toilets

What are the advantages of handicap portable toilets? Handicap portable toilets are designed to accommodate people with physical disabilities or mobility impairments. They are the largest portable restrooms in the industry to allow easy access and ample room to maneuver, specifically room for a wheelchair to perform a three-point turn. The units feature roll-in ground level access, oversized self-closing doors, and interior handrails. In addition, handicap portable restrooms can include add-ons like baby-changing stations, hand sanitizer dispensers, and more. Despite their size, the units are designed to be maneuvered by a single person… a big advantage for PROs!

Handicap-accessible units are required by law in certain settings. This means requests for them could come from work sites or special events — the two primary categories of rentals. As a PRO, this is appealing because it provides an incentive for adding the units to your fleet. A look at the numbers shows that you can start getting a return on your investment fairly quickly. Rental rates for a handicap portable toilet can range from $175 to $250 depending on your service area. If there are large special events in your area, you can expect requests for multiple handicap units. A final thing to know is that handicap portable restrooms are not the same as ADA-compliant portable restrooms. To be considered ADA-compliant, the unit must meet certain additional requirements.

Learn About PolyJohn’s Handicap Portable ToiletWhy You Should Add the Handicap Portable Toilet to Your Product Offerings

PolyJohn’s Comfort XL is a handicap portable toilet that provides high levels of accessibility, convenience, and reliability. To learn more, click here. To view a video overview of the Comfort XL, click here. All PolyJohn products and parts are manufactured in compliance with Environmental Protection Agency regulations.